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MT Promoter B
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MT Promoter B

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Announcement: Our manufactured MT-Promoter products are now available in two dosages, 350 mg and 175 mg. The new 175 mg product is targeted for autistic children and other young patients, and provides a dosage option for doctors. The price of the two products is similar since the cost of ingredients is small compared with the cost of manufacturing, storage, and order processing. Both products were determined to have high purity in independent proficiency testing.

Brain Science Nutrition provides mass-produced nutrient supplement formulations prescribed by medical practitioners in treatment of chemical imbalances. We are dedicated to assisting families obtain high-purity nutrient combinations at reasonable costs.

Doctors have used this formulation for patients diagnosed with ADHD, behavior disorders, autism, depression, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons.

A speciation laboratory has confirmed very-high purity of the product with respect to toxic metals. Dr. Walsh will be testing the product periodically to ensure the purity.

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